Slim d'Hermès C'est la fête

Press Release

Slim d'Hermès C'est la fête

Framed by white gold, the new Slim d’Hermès showcases the subtle arts of miniature paillonné enamel and engraving in a whimsical and mischievous universe.

A study in rigorous discipline and subtle balance, the Slim d’Hermès watch created by Philippe Delhotal in 2015 exudes a discreet elegance that lends itself to the expression of Hermès expertise. Crafted in blue and bronze/russet tones, the new Slim d’Hermès C’est la fête is brought to life by the skilful work- manship of the enamellers and engravers. Humorously reinterpre- ting the theme of the C’est la fête silk scarf, demanding miniature enamel artistry is revealed in all its virtuoso splendour.

The dial motif – a mischievous skeleton figure vigorously riding his horse in a tailcoat and top hat – is drawn from the men’s silk scarf designed by Daiske Nomura in 2012. The Japanese designer-illustrator, who likes to hijack Hermès emblems by associating them with cartoon, manga and videogame culture, offers a consistently unexpected whimsical or futuristic vision. With Slim d’Hermès C’est la fête, this modern, rock’n’roll interpretation of the vanities theme enters a whole new dimension: a paillonné enamel and engraving composition in which every detail harbours a wealth of dexterity, emotion and singularity.

The Slim d’Hermès C’est la fête dial combines several meticulous techniques, including paillonné enamel, which consists in inserting gold or silver leaf paillons (spangles) between the layers of enamel to create a variety of light, transparency and relief effects. The artisan performs this delicate operation in conjunction with the no less meticulous craft of miniature enamelling, tracing the contours of the motif on a hand-enamelled and polished white gold surface before using a very fine brush to adorn it with various coloured glass powders mixed with natural oils. These are applied in several coats, successively dried and fired in the kiln to fix the pigments and paillons in place. The skeletons of the horseman and his steed take shape beneath the burins and chisels wielded by the engraver, who patiently carves out the relief and depth of these figures in gold.

The resulting creation is framed by an elegant round white gold case housing the ultra-thin Manufacture Hermès H1950 self-winding movement, adorned with the signature “sprinkling of Hs” motif. Crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops, a matt abyss blue alligator strap underscores the nuances of this exclusive watch, issued in an eight-piece limited edition.

(Images © Hermès)