New Hermès Heure H

Press Release

New Hermès Heure H

Heure H appears attired in black lacquer gracing its rose gold case as well as its dial graced with slim gold- toned hands.

More than a watch, Heure H is a symbol. Created by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996, this powerful and enduring signature retains its sharp, fresh and dynamic touch as the years go by. Its singularity lies in capturing time within a letter, framing the passing of time in a playfully mischievous manner – and matching it with elegant interchangeable straps vividly embodying Hermès leather-making expertise.

Crafted by the Hermès Horloger watchmakers, the rose gold case of the Heure H watch is decked out in an intense black lacquer, framed by a golden decorative fillet accentuating its emblematic shape. Its understated yet captivating dial, also coated in black lacquer, exudes an unmistakably Hermès contemporary appearance.

Depth and light effects are created by the facetted sapphire crystal protecting this refined display. Making light of conventions, the numeral-free black dial is swept over by dainty rose gold-coloured hands, specially redesigned for this model. Seamlessly integrated with the case, an in-house-made Hermès strap further enhances its resolutely graphic aesthetic.