Hermès Presents The Cap Code Chaîne d’Ancre

Press Release

Hermès Presents The Cap Code Chaîne d’Ancre

The Cape Cod is adorned with a double tour strap bearing the Anchor Chain motif, underlining the original inspiration for the watch.

The designer Henri d’Origny was to make a square watch out of it. His untamed pencil decided otherwise: the Cape Cod, «a square in a rectangle», was born in 1991. At once original, graphic, impertinent and rigorously disciplined, it challenges existing aesthetic codes.

The Cape Cod likes to play with the «Anchor Chain», of which the two half links form its case. This motif, created by Robert Dumas in 1938, is now highlighted by Hermès’ leather craftsmanship. The second loop of the strap is shaped to reveal the anchor chain link pattern in the leather.

To achieve this effect, the artisan assembles four different layers of leather, before meticulously cutting them and stitching them with a tool specially adjusted to follow the curves of the bracelet. This double tour strap, originally designed by Martin Margiela in 1998, is available in four colours: Barenia black, deep blue, amber and extreme pink. Its vivid shades accentuate the emblematic shape of the steel case and the silver dial with powdered numerals, crafted in Hermès Horloger’s own workshops.