Hermès Arceau Cavales

Press Release

Hermès Arceau Cavales

The Arceau watch revels in making light of existing conventions to live in step with its own time.

Designed in 1978 by Henri d’Origny, Arceau diverts the design of a classic watch and signals its difference by its asymmetrical lugs. Everything about this model is skillfully thought out and it demonstrates an elegant ability never to take itself too seriously.

This paradox between rigorous discipline and creative boldness has forged the discreet, fancy-free Arceau spirit.

Hermès Arceau Cavales

The 36 mm and 28 mm-diameter models feature an inner bezel ring adorned with an unusual light gemsetting. 70 or 60 diamonds light up a mother-of-pearl marquetry dial reproducing the famous “Cavales” equestrian motif.

The new 28 mm-diameter model also appears attired in 56 diamonds, this time on its bezel. Its deep black dial combines the champlevé technique with lacquering.

As sparkling as they are discreet, the Arceau Cavales showcase the deft expertise of the in-house watchmaking artisans and express the unique Hermès vision of time.